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Denver Hiking Tours

On the Denver Hiking Tours page you’ll find our selection of hiking tours, each boasting a unique way to start or end your day. In this category you’ll find our Private Sunset Hike and our Private Morning Hike, both being held at the historic Mount Falcon. This location is notorious for its Castle Trail, which is 7.6 miles long and features a large range of wildlife and natural beauty to see while getting a pleasant workout. There’s even a sizeable elevation during each hike of over 1,500 feet, showing that you don’t have to travel far to travel up a mountain!

This hike is also a good option for those who have little experience hiking, while also bringing challenges to the well-seasoned hikers of the group. Our tour guides are also very knowledgeable regarding the surrounding area and can teach you about the rich history of the area during your 3 hour hike. There are even castle ruins at the end of the Castle Trail to provide more context about how much significance is in the area. Compared to outside prices, the ease with which you are able to enjoy Denver sightseeing tour while getting a workout stands out even more upon comparison with other options in the area!

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